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Carson High School Class of 1976

"You Can't Find Me"

Words and Music by Ken Johnson

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Aldon Ridley
Anthony (Tony) French (one) (two) (three) COLLAGE
Barbara (Hare) Schmidt (one) (two) COLLAGE
Barbara Theiss (one)
Bill Culbert (one)
Carl Flores
Charlene (White) Hembree (one) (two) COLLAGE
Cheryl Surface (one) (two) (three)
Darlene DuCharme (one) COLLAGE
Dave Flanders
Dom Cavallero (one)
Donna Fortin (one) (two)
Donna Wadey
Dwight Nevers
Ellen McMichael (one) (two) COLLAGE
Eric Thaheld (one) (two)
Ernesta (Rucker) Steele [1977] (one) (two)
Geri Steinagel (one) (two)
Greg May
Harold Beard
Helen Kingston (one)
Irene (Skivofilakas) Lora (one)
Jacqueline (Jackie) Phoenix
James (Jim) Sorlien (one)
Jeffery (Jeff) Smith (one)
Jenny (Glauner) Johnson (one) (two) (three)
Jeri Davis (one) (two)
Jorja Joseph (one) (two)
Judy Thornten (one)
Kathy (Steen) Dean (one)
Kathy King (one)
Kelly (Kozonasky) Cavallero (one)
Ken Johnson (one) (two) (three) (four) (five)
Kevin Haddock (one)
Kim Kelly

Carson City's Newspaper the "Nevada Appeal" printed multiple pages of congratulations for the Bicentennial Graduates.

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In 1976, loads of dirt were dumped on the street in front of the house at 500 N. Mountain Street that doubled for J. B. Books' rooming house (owned by Bond Rogers in the movie). It is threedoors south from the Nevada Governor's Mansion. Soon, an old-fashioned trolley car started hauling passengers along the new dirt street. Word spread quickly that John Wayne, was making his latest Western right there in Carson City. Swarms of people flocked to Mountain Street in January 1976 to gawk at Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Lauren Bacall, Ron Howard and other actors as they filmed "The Shootist." Crowds every evening packed the Ormsby House, where members of the cast stayed. Twenty-one-year-old Howard, then starring on TV's "Happy Days," was a regular at the craps table. Nevada Film Office, considers "The Shootist" the best Western ever made in Nevada."The Shootist" would be Wayne's last movie. He died three years later of cancer. In January 1976, Wayne was 68 and a shell of his former self. Twelve years earlier, he had a cancerous lung removed. A full-time nurse accompanied him to Carson City. He frequently needed oxygen to handle Carson City's 4,500-foot elevation. He would complete scenes and then immediately retire to his trailer. For "The Shootist," Wayne earned $750,000, Swarthout said. Actors like Bacall, Richard Boone, Hugh O'Brian and Stewart agreed to work for less than their normal pay for a chance to appear with Wayne. Jimmy Stewart, whose career had stalled, was only paid $50,000. I was driving down Main street and I saw this man walking in front of the Ormsby House wearing black leather. I thought, "Who would be crazy enough to be wearing black leather on a day as hot as that?" As I looked closer, I could see it was actor Hugh O'Brian, there to film "The Shootist." I never saw John Wayne or any of the other cast members, but I heard that they dropped by the High School on a day I had "taken off" for personal reasons..."